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hdjames.com is currently under construction

Thank you for your interest in hdjames.com This page is being constructed and will be ready to present soon. I hope this doesn't cause you any inconvenience. Not exactly sure what the inconvenience could be since there was nothing here before; but that's hardly the point is it.

I know how disappointing it is to not find what you are looking for.
Actually I'm not sure what you're looking for but don't give up. If you look hard enough you will find it;
How about a picture of a cute puppy in the meantime?

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See!! Isn't he just the cutest. Well since I'm sharing with you here are some pictures of my other treasures.

This is my development spot. I built this page using the Atom text editor.
This is the first page I've built with code and no website builder app helping me.
I know it looks primitive, but 2 days ago I couldn't code at all. When I looked at the source code from webpages it made no sense. Today I can make this. When I look at code now, I understand what's happening; even if it is a basic understanding. As I learn more, the site will improve.
Since you're here, why not take the journey with me?
You can sign up and leave suggestions in my online community; MadSay Madsay is another project I'm working on. It's an online community with no definition. I don't post to mainstream social media, but I am interested in how it works. To figure out more about Social Media; I setup my own platform.It's named after my kids.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Quarantine '20-'21 has given me ample time to answer some of the questions I've been harboring.

Most of the topics I've learned about have been displayed on this page already. I have CSS, JS, and HTML working together to create it.
My plan is to keep learning and upgrading my skills and showing them here. I've been learning a little more about how to make a webpage look better. I will link to the topics I used to create the page below.

This is a js applet that I created by Copying different bits of code until I got it to work.

My wife puts up with a lot. Thank you. Love you.

The Wife Again

If you're interested take a look and see what I've learned so far. The following pages contain the information I used to create this page.

Beginner Css