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GeeK – A person often an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity, who is of an intellectual bent and often disliked. ie. computer geek. They are usually the self appointed experts on all that their given subject has to offer.


Jeff Albertson is a Geek. He collects everything.

Nerd or Geek. Like it or not we all fallen into one of these categories in some part of our lives. Many people deny this because they now consider themselves too cool to be either a Geek or a Nerd, but they are usually still trying to forget a self image that has refused to fade away. If they were being honest with themselves, they know deep down they are still the same person, they just hide it better..

Bart is Geek

Bart collects Crusty the Clown, and RadioActive Man comics. He is a geek. Deal with it.

In order to be successful in life we had to nerd or geek out about something. We find that thing we like or we do and we make a living from it. When we are younger we are running on emotion and not really thinking things through. We are still developing the skills our nerd will draw on in the future. This leads to much disappointment in a geek. Nothing is more damaging to the nerd than dissappointment. It's one of those things that can make you stop nerding all together.

Nerd – A studious intellectual, of a particular topic or field. Nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia. The conventional image of a nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, and oftentimes introverted and/or lacking social skills.


Prof. Frink is a nerd first class

While they are similar in some respects, (too far either way makes you socially awkward); It should be stated that Geeks are not always Nerds, Nerds are not always geeks. That being said, it is totally possible for a nerd to geek out and vice versa.

What I mean is a Geek likes something a lot. It's fun but it doesn't dictate much in their lives; rather it's a peice of it.
A nerd lives their interest. They study in a subject and usually devote their lives to advancement of that subject, learning as much about it as they can for as long as they can.
Remember My Cousin Vinny? The DA trying to test Mona Lisa Vito's knowledge of cars was a prime example of Geek vs. Nerd.

Jim Totter III proved he was knowledgeable enough to throw out a question that should not have been possible to answer, unless of course; the person answering was an actual expert that could recognize that he was asking a BS question.


Lisa Simpson embraces her inner and outer nerdness

She could call him out because she iived his hobby. There is something about knowledge that allows one to convey confidence. After getting her answer, Mr Trotter had considerably less. A man such as Mr Totter probably wouldn't change his own oil, let alone swap a tranny. Ms. Vito on the other hand did it day in and out for most of her childhood.

Mini Nerd

People come in all shapes, colors, sizes, nerdiness factors and geek levels. Everybody has their thing. The thing they do better than most without even trying. It may be something small, inconsequential; but they are good at it. Limitless potential exist in this talent but, Some ignore it and pursue their passion instead of their talent. Others realize their talent and make it their passion.
You may have heard of a sports geek, but have you ever heard of a sports nerd? The two words sound strange together off the tounge and look funny sitting next to each other in a sentence; but in real life they look like Tom Brady. It's always been risky to talk ill of TB12 around here so before you all get the pitchforks out you let me try to explain what I mean....


Big Body Nerd

Tom Brady is arguably accepted by many as one of the coolest guys around. He has a hot wife, and generates tons of money from playing his favorite thing. He probably wouldn't have all of that if he didn't nerd out on football. He studies football, and lives a lifestyle dedicated to playing it. He trains, he practices, and he studies it again. As a result of his studying, training, and practicing; he is now one of the only Super Bowl Ring Geeks I know of. cough, cough; Rob Gronkowski Let's review the criteria for nerd. Lives a iifestyle dedicated to his craft. Check. Studies crafft obsessively; check. Practices work for fun; check. Yup sounds like a nerd to me. Collects Super Bowl Rings. Yup, he's got geek covered too.

Computer Geek

Jobs didn't write new code, but he could work with existing code. Classic Geek.

A geek likes something so much they can make you feel inferior for not knowing as much as they do. Their passion for the obsesson they have chosen is so utterly complete that you are left to wonder how you hadn't known about this sooner. Listen to a Marvel geek talk about a Marvel universe film. You'd be tempted to see it. A computer geek may know lots of things about existing technology, while a computer nerd is busy making new technology. A geek and a nerd working together on the same thing is almost an unstoppable force.
Steve Wozniak wrote new code, Classic Nerd
Steve Jobs was a computer geek. Steve Wozniak is the nerd.
That is the recipe for something big. You need your nerd to create something new anything. Then you need a geek to get everybody to see that they want need this thing or somehow they are not living their life to it's full potential. Give it to them. Then, as soon as they love it; you make it better than the one they have, at a slightly higher price. Sit back and buy yachts.
A nerd and a geek ready to change the world.

What do you get when you mix a geek and a nerd?
  You get ME .


Chart Icon

My Geek Level

I fall right on the line between Geek and Nerd. I need a classification of my own. Most people don't fall into one specific category. Rather we are all a combintation of many differenct categories. It's the way you live it that makes the difference; right Tom? Many people think of nerds or geeks as instantly identifiable by being awkward and defenseless; not true. Someone can be a huge geek, but also appear to be cooler than the other side of the pillow. I'd bet you look up to some nerds and geeks right now, you just don't think of them as geeks or nerds. You would not know it unless you knew them. Most of us nerds and geeks look like regular people, because we are.

I own a Darth Vader mask, a replica Vader Saber,lots of models of the vehicles and walkers, most of the video games, all of the movies, shows, books (Cannon and non); and lots of other stuff.
When people find this our about me they are usually shocked. "I didn't know you liked {enter hobby here} so much!" is what everyone says when they see my collections;but that's the point. You could never tell unless you came to my house
I have many differnt things that I love to collect but, what I really geek out on is knowledge. I love to learn things I didn't know previously; which makes me a nerd by default.


I think I've been into comics since the day I first say them; which makes me a geek. Like almost everything else I'm obsessed with nowdays, I couldn't get them when I was younger, but I knew all the facts on my favorite characters; which makes me a nerd.
As soon as I was able to get them for myself, I went overboard. I buy and read comics year round, but right around the middle of April I notice my reading picks up. I'm trying to finish everything before the month is up. Geek or Nerd May 1st is my time to shine.

It's hard to tell Geeks from Nerds on May 1st, but who cares.

2020 was a bad year. For the first time in I don't know how long, I was inside on May 1. Free Comic Book Day came and went without me. In hindsight, I probably could have gone, but after analyzing the available data at the time, I choose to stay in. My belief in science won out over my love of comics. Actually my belief in science has won out over everything. I haven't been in my office, or a barbershop for that matter; in over 11 months.
Seriously    Starting to get a little furry here...;

Am I a Geek or a Nerd?

If you are asking yourself this question, you are probably neither. People tend to use Nerd, Dork, Spaz, Dweeb, Geek, and Loser interchangably and negatively; this is wrong and should stop. While they all tend to carry an unfavorable image there ae distinct differences that should be clarified.

A spaz is a emotional or clumsy person. Although they usually are; they are not always studious or intellectual.
SpazSpaz v. -to lose physical or emotional control.; n. - one who is spastic

A dork is a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others. Intelligence is not a factor in dorkness.
>ADork; n. - a contemptible, socially inept person.

A Dweeb is a person that is just not very ineresting or enjoyable to be around. Due to their social isolation they have become intelligent and now choose not to associate with people of lesser intelligence.
DweebA Dweeb n. - a boring, studious, or socially inept person.

A loser has fallen off, climbed down, slipped to the bottom, or just never bothered to climb the social ladder in the first place.
loserA Loser n. - a person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest.

Chances are you were one of these in days gone by. Many of us grow out of our awkardness and go on to live normal lives. The thing about being a nerd or geek as a young human is you don't know that you have the power to change the world yet. We waste a lot of time trying to hide how exceptional we are because we haven't caught on to the fact that we are exceptional.
If only there were some way we could let young geeks dorks, whatever you may be; that this is only the start of your quest. If you see it all the way through and don't get distracted on side quests, You will achieve more than you can imagine right now.
After the awkaward is over and ss adults; it is the former nerds, dweebs, losers and geeks that have our lives through the invention, promotion, and advancement of new technology.
The cool kids want to work for us now. Let that sink in for a minute
So if you are stuggling with being a nerd or geek, you shouldn't. You should be happy. Which of the cool kids invented a software company worth billions? Which cool kid has you running out to get the next gadget they invented?   I didn't think so.   Even though now seems like forever; just ride it out. When you see your opportunity nerd out on it as hard as you can, then you can geek out on whatever you want.

If you are "geeking out"on something, you are acquiring different material things pertianing to the same subject. If you are "nerding out"on something, you are diving deep into the knowledge of a particuluar subject.

*Start rant here*

*end rant here*
Collections are geeky. Terms such as “collection,” “collectables”, boxset and original imply a taste for completeness and authenticity coveted by the geek sect.
Academic fields are nerdy.: Do you get excited about math, history, physics, biology,economics, neuroscience, or biochemistry? Congratulations, you belong to the nerd sect.
General technology terms like “computers” and "data are similarly geeky and nerdy, but still differ sharply.
Pill IconNerds create the things Geeks consume

Geeks and nerds love technology but Geeks are passionate about Apple. Nerds on the other hand, are passionate about linux. Geeks and nerds both value data but Geeks tend to quantify data digitally. Nerds find data to be almost anything that can be recoreded and evaluated; so it comes in many different forms. I am super oversimplifying here, but I hope that you get the point.

Nerd or Geek?

A study was done on internet searches and the topics were picked at random. The topics were then catagorized as Nerdy or Geeky. Since all internet searches are an attempt to gather data; I thought would be fun to look at some already gathered.

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Geeky. Everyone uses hastags whether you are a geek, jock, nerd, jerk, spaz,or dork. They are geeky because they do tend announce the next new trendy thing.

Hobbies Icon


compare the more geeky pastimes toys, anime, #manga; with the more nerdy ones such as chess, or sudoku.

Brains Icon


the word “intelligence” is neutral, but “higher education” is more nerdy,and “intellectual" is more geeky.

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“books” are nerdy, while nerds and geeks search “ebooks”.“iBooks” are geeky.

Culture Icon

Pop Culture

Marvel, Star Wars and DC universe movies are considered geeky… Although still fictional, Tolkien based movies are considered nerdy...


We all search to find data; Nerd or Geek. Here you go. Acquire your own data.

Now that we know our Geeks from our Nerds, and our Dork from our Dweebs, the important thing to remember is to be nice to everybody. You never know if the toes you are stepping on today will be connected to the butt you will have to kiss tomorrow.