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Nerd or Geek?

Geek – A “collection” oriented enthusiast of a particular topic or field. Geeks are obsessed with only the newest, coolest, trendiest things; and of course gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are the self appointed experts on all that their subject has to offer.
GeekJeff Albertson is a Geek. He collects everything. 

Bart is Geek
Bart collects Crusty the Clown, and RadioActive Man comics. He is a geek. Deal with it.

Nerd – A studious intellectual, of a particular topic or field. Nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia.

NerdProf. Frink is a nerd first class 

Lisa Simpson embraces her inner and outer nerdness

LilGeekLil body Big Nerd

What do you get when you mix a geek and a nerd?
    You get ME .


Am I a Geek or a Nerd?

Like it or not we all fall into this category in some part of our lives. Many people consider themselves too cool to be either a Geek or a Nerd, but they are usually still holding on to a self image that has long since faded away. In order to be successful in life we had to nerd or geek out about something. We find that thing we like or we do and we make a living from it.
While they are similar in some respects, (too far either way makes you socially awkward); It should be stated that Geeks are not always Nerds, Nerds are not always geeks.

What I mean is a Geek likes something a lot. It's fun but it doesn't dictate much in their lives; rather it's a peice of it.
A nerd lives their interest. They study in a subject and usually devote their lives to advancement of that subject, learning as much about it as they can for as long as they can.

You may have heard of a sports geek, but have you ever heard of a sports nerd? The two words look funny sitting next to each other in a sentence, let alone in real life. A computer geek may read about upcoming technology, while a computer nerd is busy making upcoming technology.

People use Nerd and Geek interchangably, but there are some differences that should be clarified.
If you are "geeking out"on something, you are acquiring different material things pertianing to the same subject.

If you are "nerding out"on something, you are diving deep into the knowledge of a particuluar subject.

*Start rant here*
Remember in the Incredibles movie when Syndrome was "geeking out"over the fact that Mr. Incredible evaded his trap? He wasn't geeking out then. He wasn't aquiring anything but the knowledgeof how to beat the supers next time he encountered them. He was actually Nerding out.
*end rant here*

Collections are geeky. Terms such as “collection,” “collectables”, boxset and original imply a taste for completeness and authenticity coveted by the geek sect.
Academic fields are nerdy.: Do you get excited about math, history, physics, biology,economics, neuroscience, or biochemistry? Congratulations, you belong to the nerd sect.
General technology terms like “computers” and "data are similarly geeky and nerdy, but still differ sharply.
Pill IconNerds create the things Geeks consume

Geeks and nerds love technology but Geeksare passionate about Apple. Nerds on the other hand, are passionate about linux.
Geeks and nerds both value data but Geekstend to quantify data digitally. Nerds find data to be almost anything that can be recoreded and evaluated; so it comes in many different forms.
I am super oversimplifying here, but I hope that you get the point.

Acquire your own data.


We search to find data; Nerd or Geek.

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Geeky. Everyone uses hastags whether you are a geek, jock, nerd, jerk, or dork. They are geeky because they do tend announce the next new trendy thing.

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compare the more geeky pastimes toys, anime, #manga; with the more nerdy ones such as chess, or sudoku.

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the word “intelligence” may be geeky, but “education,” “intellectual", "doctor“, or "smartypants” are nerdy.

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“books” are nerdy, but “ebooks” and “ibooks” are geeky.

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Pop culture vs. Culture

“shiny” and “trendy” are super-geeky, but “cellist” is the nerdiest…

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My Geek Level

I fall right on the line between Geek and Nerd. I want my own classification. I tried Gerd, but it didn't sound quite rite. I tried Neek, but it just didn't flow off the tounge.
I am a knowledge geek. I really nerd out on it. Once I find something I like I collect it, then I learn everything I can about it. Then it becomes part of my life.
I think I've been into comics since the day I first say them; which makes me a geek. Like almost everything else I'm obsessed with nowdays, I couldn't get them when I was younger, but I knew all the facts on my favorite characters; which makes me a nerd.
As soon as I was able to get them for myself, I went overboard. I buy and read comics year round, but right around the middle of April I notice my reading picks up. I'm trying to finish everything before the month is up. Geek or Nerd May 1st is my time to shine.

It's hard to tell Geeks from Nerds on May 1st, but who cares.

2020 was a bad year. For the first time in I don't know how long, I was inside on May 1. Free Comic Book Day came and went without me. In hindsight, I probably could have gone, but after analyzing the available data at the time, I choose to stay in. My belief in science won out over my love of comics. Actually my belief in science has won out over everything. I haven't been in my office, or a barbershop for that matter; in over 11 months.
Seriously    Starting to get a little furry here...;

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